Peeples Doesn’t Understand People

The new app, “Peeples” has become under fire this week.  This app allows you to rate people by using 1, 2, or 3 stars.  It is similar to Yelp although Yelp is fighting like crazy to distance itself from the new app.

Doesn’t it sound great that you get to rate people?  Isn’t that going to be encouraging?  Don’t you think you will get tons of encouragement from this app?

Wait?? You don’t think that.  The people that created Peeples seems to think that it will be full of encouragement.

You don’t agree??  Then you might understand people more than Peeples.

Most of us are way more likely to rate poor service than good service on social media.  We tend to look a bit more at our enemies Facebook page than someone we love.  We tweet a little more about that coaches bad call than the excellent game plan we had last week.

It is our sin nature.  We are born sinful people.  We struggle with gossip and slander.  In fact many people are starved for encouragement because it is rare to hear nice things.

This app has great potential to be encouraging.  However, it has MUCH greater potential to hurt people.  People are going to be cyberbullied by this app.  There will be misunderstandings and pain because of this app.  Honestly, the group that stands to benefit most from this app might be lawyers because of the slander that will come.

As a parent be careful allowing your child or teen to have this app.  I’m sure there are age regulations, but that doesn’t always stop kids.  Words can do great damage to them.  More than likely this app will led to that for students.


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