Andy Stanley – Catalyst 2015 Opening Session Notes

Here are my notes from Andy’s opening talk at Catalyst 15.

Andy Stanley
A catalyst leader is a leader who loves the local church.
Awaken the wonder – everyone has had wonder awakened in them (think puberty)
When wonder is awakened we are suddenly aware that what is isn’t all there is.

The potential for wonder resides in all of us
Everything in life conspires against wonder.
Life has a way of shutting down our wonder.

Pray that God would show you His plan.  Don’t settle for less.

Mentor to Andy: What are you working on that’s big?

Don’t give your life to something small

What is God awakening in me?

To awaken the wonder within and stir and disturb the imagination of the people and organizations I lead.

Wonder is as threatening and disruptive as it is amazing

Wonder is always disruptive
Wonder is a match and organizations are buckets of water

It is human nature to resist what we don’t understand or can’t control.

Wonderful leaders are wonder filled leaders

3 imperatives to keeping wonder alive
1. To awaken wonder, you’ve got to keep wonder awakened in you.
If you allow wonder to shut down in you, you will shut it down for your kids
The best thing you do in ministry may not be the ministry you lead, but the child you raise.

Be a student not a critic
Everything I do makes sense to me.  If you do something and  I don’t understand it’s because I lack knowledge
Students learn – Critics criticize
Do you want to stop learning because you criticize?
You won’t learn from people who already agree with you

We must pay attention to the frontiers of our ignorance – Sam Harris

If you know everything get out of ministry.  You are a wonder buster.  You are the lid.

In times of profound change. The learners inherit the earth,while the learned finds they are living lives beautifully equipped to handle a world that doesn’t exist – Eric Hoffer

2. Replace how with wow

The next generation product and idea almost never come from the previous generation –

3. Add imagine to everything
Matthew 16:17- Peter you just saw something others didn’t
I will build a people on this statement.  Hell won’t prevail against this
We are on the other side of the resurrection – that should make us wonder filled

Let’s be the generation that keeps wonder awake and awakens wonder in the next gen.


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