Erwin McManus Talk – Catalyst 2015 Notes

Erwin McManus
How is it possible for us to be aware of wonder?
When you were born you were a linguistic savant- could have learned any language.  You didn’t optimize it!

Erwin went to a TED talk in Africa.  He met a lady that wouldn’t stop talking about chimpanzees.  She was passionate about chimpanzees.  He asked her name.  It was Jane Goodall.
What makes us uniquely human?
Hebrews 11
Faith restores our humanity
Living a life beneath our intentions
Everything was created with intention

We have confidence in what we have.  We live in fear of what we hope for
More confidence in what we have than what we hope for
Hope only exists in the future
Regret is in the past
Existentialism is in the present
Why do we live in the past and not in the future?  We are the church we should be shaping the future.

You were an idea in the mind of God before you were a fetus in the womb of your mother.

The question is not will you create but what will you create.

Barack Obama presidency was a dream of Martin Luther King Jr.

Evil men don’t wait to create.  They don’t wait for a sign.  We shouldn’t either.


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