Guy Kawasaki Talk – Catalyst 15 Notes

Great innovation occurs on several levels:

Step #1: When people decide to make meaning and do good.  The core of disruption and revolutionary change is to make meaning. The meaning of Google is to democratize information. That is the type of lofty goal is to improve the goal.

Step #2: Create a mantra. Two or three words that why you should exist. Wendy’s mantra should be “healthy fast food.” Nike’s should be “Authentic athletic performance.” Create two or three words mantra for your church. No more mission statements.

Step #3: Jump to the next curve. Great innovation happens when you go to the next curve. If you are a forward thinking, innovative person, you need to jump to the next curve. Great innovations when you jump curves.

Step #4: Roll the Dice. Great products, services are deep. Lots of functionality. Great products are intelligent and complete. Think of Amazon. It’s self-publishing, review sites, it’s hosting. Amazon has a complete product line. Great churches are empowering. They make you better. Great services are elegant. As you try to jump curve, ask the questions.

Step #5: Don’t worry. Be crappy. When you are ten times better than the status quote. Don’t try to achieve perfection. When you jump curves, ship it. Don’t worry. Be crappy.

Step #6: Let 100 flowers blossom.

Steps #7: Polarize People. The great causes polarizes people.

Step #8: Churn, Baby, Churn. If you’re an innovator, you need to be in denial. You listen to people after you ship.

Step #9: Niche Thyself.  How do you make your church unique and valuable.

Step #10: Perfect your Pitch. Evangelize it. Always customize your intro. 10.20.30 Rule of PowerPoint. Any presentation is 10 points long. Give slides in 20 minutes. The optimal font size is 30 points. Always use a black back ground. Black is the new black.

Step #11: Don’t let the bozos grind you down.


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