Jeff Henderson Talk – Notes from Catalyst 15

Jeff Henderson
Leading from the land of possibility

Advancing leaders display a confident humility
We want to do great things vs if God doesn’t do it we labor in vain
Have to check ego when leading into big dreams
Can’t awaken wonder if pride is part of it

An example of confident humility is: Bubba Cathy gives Jeff Henderson first class plane ticket and Bubba takes back row seat.  Then Bubba sends attendant to check on Jeff.  The son of billionaire Truett Cathy gives his first class seat to a new employee!  He is confident and humble.  Putting others first.

Leaders take the low place
How can I take the low place today?  How can I push someone else forward if even to the determent of my position?
How much time am I spending on building my platform vs building others a platform?

Andy Stanley – Jeff I want you to be the best speaker you can be.

Gods thumbprints are on you and those are clues to Gods plans for you

Land of Reality – if you ask this question too often you buy a home in the land of reality:

Is it working:
Incredibly dangerous question- creates fear in the minds of people that are creative.  Unintentionally creates atmosphere of fear.  People get fearful

At what point does a Coke product have to work??  – don’t ask that question
Ask this- what are we learning?

Coke launches something for 3 month and the pull it back.  Ask what did we learn.  Makes a few changes and then does it again.

We are going to learn.

Chickfila calendar was a flop at first.  Leader asked what did we learn from this.  Edited it and now it is the number one selling calendar in the world

It’s ok to fail because we are learning.  If we are learning we are winning.

I am so proud of you for trying!
You showed courage.

It doesn’t take courage to live in reality.

Wright bros figured out how to fly with 1k and no formal education.  Government paid someone 100k and that guy failed.  Why?  Wright bros kept learning and trying.

Ritz Carlton figured out how to systemize caring for people
“Jeff your leader Jesus is the greatest servant leader of all time. I think we will learn from a church someday.  I just think we are more passionate than you” – President of Ritz Carlton

We want to let people know that God is for them by how well we serve them- guest services
Guest services values
Deliver wow

I am considering everyone in the building when I make a one hour service.  The Holy Spirit is everywhere.  After an hour the Holy Spirit leaves the nursery!

Create fun
Fun is disarming
Don’t need to be fake buy need to be joyous

Leave a lasting impression

Ritz Carlton strategy
Learn name
Address situation
Solve situation if unsolvable
Say farewell by using their name

Where is the evaluation process happening?
Next day at meetings
Celebrate what went right!

Say welcome to the early days for at least five years

Always requires courage
Every program that’s dead is draining the ones that are alive.
We want to fund and fuel momentum


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