Opening Talk at Catalyst 2015 Labs

Rich Wilkerson and Chris Durso
Genesis 37
Communicating to young people
Story of Joseph
Development of a dream
It takes time to develop.  When a God wants to build an oak he takes 60 years.  We want it instantly
Dream has to be developed – God dreams go through seasons of darkness
A dream that hasn’t been tested is a dream that can’t be trusted.
3 test that any God dream goes through
1.  Test of rejection – everyone deals with it.  What do you do when you are faced with rejection?  Most people can’t handle your dreams.  God didn’t say to them what He said to you.
God told Joseph about the dream but God never told him to share it with his brothers.  It’s pretty narcissistic.
Maybe that brought on criticism and rejection that was unneeded.
Millennials are quick to share what God is telling them maybe to confirm His desires.

Commitment is to God not man.
You aren’t going to do great things without rejection
Leadership is pain.  As your leadership grows your tolerance for pain has to grow
Test of temptation
Everyone faces temptation

God test
Satan tempts
People tease

Satan wants to offer you today what God wants you to have tomorrow.

Young leaders want to force the dream
Always looking for a way to network their way to the top.
Young leaders get to the top too early and can’t handle it.  They want to quit.
Always too early to quit
Great leaders only there before they didn’t quit.

In our brokeness God does the most
Joseph goes from pit to palace to prison
Joseph had 13 years in pit.  God gives you a dream to get though present
Around 40 years of age famine hits the area even Jacob.  They met their brother.
Can you pass test of retribution?  Joseph could have gotten even.  He could have gotten retribution, but did not.


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