Quoteable Quotes for Quoting Catalyst 2015

The best thing you do in ministry may not be the ministry you lead, but the child you raise. – Andy Stanley

If you allow wonder to shut down in you, you will shut it down for your kids – Andy Stanley

Don’t give your life to something small – Andy Stanley

Wonder is a match and organizations are buckets of water – Andy Stanley

Success is about us. Significance is about others. – John Maxwell

If you know everything get out of ministry.  You are a wonder buster.  You are the lid. – Andy Stanley

In times of profound change. The learners inherit the earth,while the learned finds they are living lives beautifully equipped to handle a world that doesn’t exist – Eric Hoffer (from Andy’s message)

I want to every day live intentionally value people, believe people, unconditionally love people – John Maxwell

Create a mantra.  No more mission statements. – Guy Kawasaki

Let 100 flowers blossom – Guy Kawasaki

God’s not obligated to sustain what you started. – Christine Caine

Cat conventions are proof there is a Satan – Jeff Henderson

Jesus never dumbed down the truth and never turned down the grace – Andy Stanley

Jesus didn’t leave us here to make things right.  He left us here to make disciples – Andy Stanley

If you don’t take a selfie, the event didn’t happen – Guy Kawasaki

Jesus’ theology broadened, rather than narrowed, his scope of ministry – Andy Stanley

No one uses Windows voluntarily. – Guy Kawasaki

When you don’t try, you never know – Guy Kawasaki

We don’t need comparison in our churches.  We are not our enemy.  Satan is the enemy.- Christine Caine

If you allow wonder to shut down in you, you shut down wonder all around you  – Andy Stanley

Dear Lord, thank you for not being boring like we thought you were – Trip Lee

I don’t want to be anywhere God hasn’t placed me.  Christine Caine

If familiarity breeds contempt then religious familiarity breeds unholy cynicism – Margaret Feinberg

Gods thumbprints are on you and those are clues to Gods plans for you – Jeff Henderson

Is it working?  Incredibly dangerous question- creates fear in the minds of people that are creative.  Unintentionally creates atmosphere of fear. – Jeff Henderson

Why do we live in the past and not in the future?  We are the church we should be shaping the future. – Erwin McManus

You were an idea in the mind of God before you were a fetus in the womb of your mother. – Erwin McManus

The question is not if you will create, but what kind of world will you create – Erwin McManus

The Bible isn’t a code for conformity, it is a manifesto for creativity – Erwin McManus

Be less focused on your deficiencies and more focused on Christ sufficiency. – Louie Giglio

God doesn’t call us to job descriptions.  He calls us to Himself and to the mission in the World. – Louie Giglio

Remain suspicious that God is up to something good. – Margaret Feinberg

If you choose what is right over what is fun, fast, and easy you will fall.  It will hurt – Dr. Brown

Be a student, not a critic – Andy Stanley

Leadership is pain.  As your leadership grows, your tolerance for pain must grow. – Rich Wilkinson

Wonderful leaders are wonder filled leaders – Andy Stanley

Cancer is not a gift.  However, there might be gifts within it. – Margaret Feinberg


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