What Breaks Your Heart?

I was speaking with the Chief Financial Officer of a successful company this past weekend.  We were at a Christian event.  He told me that he wasn’t comfortable at events like this because he wasn’t a Christian.  I tried not to show how shocked I was that he was a non-Christian attending a Christian conference.

We talked about what he thought of the main stage speakers.  He went on and on about how much he loved Andy Stanley (Andy’s been my pastor for most of this year).  The CFO smiled and said, “Last year Andy’s message changed my life.  You need to listen to it.  The main point was leading from what breaks your heart.”  I made a mental note to find that message.

I couldn’t find the Catalyst message for free online.  However I found the messages Andy used to create that one talk that meant so much to this CFO.  Here are those messages.  I think most of what Andy said at Catalyst 2014 is in message number two, but thoughts from each of these were used in that message.  It is life changing truth and I encourage you to watch these messages when you get time.  Also to pray for this CFO that someday he will understand that the real truth in that talk is found in Jesus.


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