Church Communication – Announcement Time

Let me pull back the curtain to ministry and show you something you might not expect.  Are you ready?  The overwhelming major of ministers hate doing announcement time.


  • It is awkward.
  • We are promoting events/programs/ministries that don’t give us enough information to make a great announcement.
  • Don’t have the ability to make this time exciting.
  • It is anti-climatic.
  • We get most announcements told to us in the hallway on the way to the main service.
  • If we get something wrong or miss an announcement – people get mad.

Unlike bulletins, I believe the announcements made in the service have great value.  Certainly some times are greater than others, but it has to be one of the top forms of church communication.

How do we make this time excellent?

  1.  Video announcements – Ten years ago video announcements were primarily done by megachurches that had the resources to do them well.  Now everybody has these resources.  Seriously part of major movies are being filmed with camera phones!  You may want to outsource this to a company that does video announcements They can be pricey, but maybe stop doing your bulletin for a season and invest in better video announcements.
  2. Focus on one major announcement – Most churches have a church wide fall outreach happening in the next 10 days.  This should be the primary announcement.  I love fall retreats, but they don’t include everyone like a church-wide community event.  We can announce both, but put the focus, energy, and time into that one that is the most important.
  3. Senior Pastor – I don’t think the senior pastor should make every announcement.  Announcement time is a good opportunity to let others get involved even lay people.  However people listen to the senior pastor more than anyone else.  If something major is happening this can be a difference maker.
  4. Lay people – There may be people in your church who are MUCH better at making announcements than the staff.  Maybe it needs to be someone who is young and exciting.  Maybe it needs to be someone respected.  I’m not sure why we believe announcements are for ministry staff only.
  5. Beginning Vs End – Less people in the beginning, but easier to transition.  Usually is less awkward.  Could be better at the end if during the offering time.  More people will be there at the end.  You could try it at a different time for a season and see if it works better in the service.

Let’s make announcement time exciting and convey the important ideas/events/programs and more to our people.


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