Church Communication: Facebook

No one goes there nowadays, it’s too crowded. – Yogi Berra

Nobody is on Facebook anymore.  Just over a billion!

Most businesses and churches update their Facebook page more than their website.

The first part of your church’s digital fingerprint is their website, but the second has to be Facebook.  People are going to visit your Facebook page.

Get a Facebook page

Keep it updated at LEAST weekly.  It doesn’t take much time to check your page.  People expect an answer to their questions on Facebook so check it at least a few times a week.   Too busy?  Facebook is a help for the busy, not a hindrance.  Find someone who will be in charge of responding to inquiries and keeping the page updated.

Boosting Likes – You can pay a fee to boost your Facebook page.   It gets your page in front of many people  in your community.  Boosting the page is guaranteed to increase your Likes.  You choose how many Likes you want – over what time period –  and pay accordingly.  The more the page is LIKED the better people feel about it.  If I see a page with 10 Likes, I think nobody goes there, maybe the page is inactive, is this a real place, etc.  If I see a page with a 1000 Likes – this organization must be large and doing something.  Another thought to consider is that those that Like your page will see your events.  So it might benefit your Fall outreach event to pay to boost your Likes in September.  As you promote in October, all of those people will be seeing your announcements.

Boosting Without Paying – Do a church wide emphasis to get people to Like your page.  The senior pastor could ask everyone to get out their smart phones and Like the page during the service.  It would also help for them to write a review of your church.

Facebook Ads – Facebook Ads are easy to do and are worth the investment for an important event.  The problem most churches have with Facebook Ads is that you are not allowed to have more than 20% text.  The best idea is to have the church graphic designer make the ad.  Only use vital information on this ad.  Facebook takes a day or so to approve it.  If you don’t meet their standards, it won’t get approved.

Churches that want to communicate with their community and congregation need to be successfully using Facebook.  It is easy and can be free!


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