Church Communication: Hashtags

I visited a good friend’s church several months ago.  He asked me my thoughts since I was a first time visitor.  The first thing I said was, “I couldn’t find any of your hashtags”.   I don’t think he expected that response.

Church meet Hashtags.  Hashtags meet the church.  You guys could work together to do great things.

Every event needs a hashtag.


Hashtags allow for all communication to be found in one place – What if you had access to every picture taken over your DNOW weekend?  What if you could see instant feedback from your conference?  Hashtags make this possible.

Hashtags make your church seem younger.  Most churches would like for their culture and buildings to be more inviting to younger people.  Hashtags will help with that.

Hashtags allow you to communicate with your community – When Gwinnett Church started their building they didn’t put up a sign saying Gwinnett Church coming soon.  They put up a sign that simply said #forgwinnett.  When people were curious about what was coming they would tweet, “What is #forgwinnett?”  This allowed Gwinnett Church to answer them and make a connection.  It caused a conversation to take place that would not have without hashtags.

Hashtags are not going anyway at least not anytime soon.  They can be used on almost every major social media site.  They are FREE.  You don’t have to have a huge meeting about regulations to use them.  Just a little creativity in making one.

Every church should have hashtags.  No excuses.


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