Church Communication: Mass Texting

THE best way to communicate with your congregation/ministry is texting.

96% of all text are read.

Less than 50% of all emails are read.

Texting allows you to:

  • Remind people of a deadline
  • Cancel an event and let your people know about it
  • Change your Sunday morning schedule due to weather
  • and more!

The one that I have used is Simply Text.  I believe they could create some features that would make this product better, but it is effective.  The pricing depends on your church/ministry size.  You will notice this is geared toward youth ministry, but it could be used by anyone.

You can put people in different groups.  This allows them to only get text for groups and ministries that they are currently participating in.

The problems with mass text:

Abuse – A few years ago I signed up for text from the fast food company Sonic.  I was hoping to get some deals on their food.  They sent me multiple text a day!   After about a week I canceled the service.  Nobody wants that many text.

If you are going to text people over everything that the church does – this service will backfire on you.  People are going to get angry because they don’t need to 30 text about youth choir.   To make this successful you have to understand boundaries and again have policies about texting the entire congregation.

It is easier to start with a lot of rules and regulations and ease up over time.

Cost – We paid about $45 a month for our student ministry texting service.  You may not have that in your budget.  My guess is your church budget is due in the next 4 week so maybe you could add that amount to it.  Most churches could cut down on the amount of bulletins printed and pay most of that amount.

Mass texting is a DIFFERENCE MAKER in communication.  It is worth the money and discussion on how to make it effective.  Doing a texting service with a strategy on how to make it effective will radically change your communication.


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