Live Generously: How to Create Extra Cash with eBay


I believe the Lord loves it when we live a generous life.  Those moments where you paid a bill for someone who couldn’t afford it.  Those times where you bought someone a meal.  That time you gave money to help a missionary.

I think most believers want to give generously.  I believe we hear amazing messages motivating us to give. However, you can’t give money if you are spending 100% of what you make.  Now I can tell you how to save money, but my experience lately has been to create cash flow.  Maybe I can help you create a few hundred or even a few thousand dollars for the holidays.

Just make sure you bless someone with a portion of it.

I’ll write a series this week on how to use eBay to make money.

First Lesson:  What to sell

I think you can sell 2 types of things successfully:

  1.  Things that you aren’t using
  2. Things that you love

Things you aren’t using.  One man’s trash is another man’s treasure.  Better said – people buy junk.  It is amazing what you can sell that you think has no value.  Look around your home and closet.  Without a doubt, you have something that is in your closet, attic, basement, etc. that you never use.  Sell it.  You can sell this easier than other things in your home because you won’t really miss it.  So you can have a lower asking price.  Wouldn’t you rather have the money for the holidays than the clutter?

Things you love.  I know how to sell the things that I love better than anything that I own.  Now the problem is that I love them so it is difficult to part with them.  Sometimes I have extras of something that I’m willing to part with.  I might be willing to sell off a portion of my collection as long as I can keep key pieces.  You might have several purses and be willing to sale a couple of them.  If you love it there is a good chance someone else will too.  Plus you will make it easier for them to find because you know how to communicate it.

Find those things today that you want to sell.  Tomorrow we will start on how to sell on eBay.


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