Thankful For: Medicine

I love a good true story.

One of my favorite is the life of Doc Holiday.  Doc started out as a dentist in Georgia. He was pretty successful and happy. One of the defining moments of his life was when his mother died at a young age from tuberculosis.   In those days tuberculosis was a death sentence.  No vaccines or anything to prevent it.  Unfortunately, Doc received a life altering diagnosis that he also had tuberculosis.

Doc moved out west and became one of the most successful gamblers.  He was also known for being one of the fastest guns in the west.  Not because he knew he would be good at those things, but he thought the western climate would help him live a few more years with his disease.  Can you imagine if he had a vaccine or assess to medicine?  In today’s world he never gets the disease and probably dies as an old man.

I am so thankful for medicine.  My wife has been sick these past two weeks and medicine has helped her feel better.  My daughter has been sick this month too.  We’ve had health issues that 100 years ago would have killed us, but God has allowed us to live because of medicine.

I’m thankful for well trained surgeons who make complex life changing surgeries just another day’s work.

I’m thankful for medical discoveries that bring about medicine to heal our bodies.

I’m thankful for medicine that improves our quality of lives.  Sometimes it’s not about saving our life, but helping make it better.

Let us be thankful for the professors, scientists, doctors, nurses, and hospital faculty that God uses to meet our physical and mental needs.


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