Live Generously: Creating Extra Cash with eBay – Coming Up With A Title


Yesterday I talked about the need to create extra cash around the holidays.  This isn’t just about buying a few extra presents, but creating money to give to those in need.

Hopefully you have found a few things that you want to try and sell on eBay.  Now step 2

Create an eBay account.

Creating an eBay account is simple.  It is self explanatory.  They will guide you through it on  I’m not going to spend time talking about creating a account.

Coming up with a great title.

How are people going to find your product on eBay?  Most of them are using the search engine at the top of the eBay page.  This means what you put in your title is critically important.

Be clear – I wrote a title for one of my most popular bobbleheads last week.  You know what word I forgot to include?  Bobblehead!  The clearer the title – the better.

Correct Spelling – I love when I find a product online that is spelled incorrectly.  You know why? Because I know that very few people will find it and I can get it at a much cheaper price.

Buzz words – What are some buzz words that people might put into a search engine to find your product?  Is it a rare piece?  Use the terms “Limited Edition” “rare” “unique” – now if it is mass produced don’t tell people it’s rare.  What is it made of?  What size shirt is it? Is is ‘new in box’?  Nobody is searching for ‘wow’ or ‘awesome’.  Think practically.

Other people – Unless you have something extremely rare, someone else is selling your product on eBay already.  What title did they use?  One thing that I like to do is check the box on the left hand size that says ‘sold’ and then search my products name.  The search results will show those items that have sold.  That tells me these titles were good enough to sell this product.

5 or more – I would use at least 5 words to describe your product.  Take advantage of the allowment given by eBay.

Today research and come up with a title that you think would be the best to sell your stuff.  This could take minutes or hours.  It is time well spent if you want to make money on eBay.


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