Live Generously: eBay Pictures


You have got your items picked out for sale.  You’ve researched and know the title that will bring the most potential buyers to your item.  The next step is taking pictures of the items.

High Resolution – eBay requires a minimum of 500 pixels for the longest side.  I use an iPhone and have never had any issue with this.

8 or more – You can have 12 pictures included on each listing.  The magic number you need is supposedly 8.  The more pictures that you have the better.

Damages – Does your product have any damages?  You will want to highlight those with pictures.  I never mention damages in my listing title, but I always clearly show any damage in the pictures and description.

Internet pictures – It is always tempting to just find a picture of the product online and use it for your listing.  This way you don’t have to go digging for your item in the basement.  Do NOT do this!  Those pictures don’t show the wear and tear on your item.  They have be a different version.  Plus it is difficult to find internet pictures that are high enough resolution for eBay.

Background/Lighting -You aren’t a professional photographer.  However, how can you make this picture the best possible representation of your product?  Better lighting?  Less distraction in the background? Closer?

The buyer can’t hold the product.  They can’t check it for details.  The pictures that you provide are the only thing they are going by.  You want to provide high quality, detailed photos that show an accurate representation of your product.  The buyer should see the good and the bad.  This way they know exactly what they are buying.


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