Thankful For: My Kids

Psalm 127:3

Children are a blessing
    and a gift from the Lord.

If I never had kids I’d get more sleep.  I’d have a lot more money.  I’d be in much better physical health.  Our home would be cleaner.

However, I’d never know the joy of parenting.  I’d never know the happiness of late night talks with a 4 year old.  I’d never be involved in tickle fights.  I would not experience holidays in the same way.

My life changed forever on August 4th 2011 when I became a dad.  At Thanksgiving this year we will have our 3rd child.  I am so thankful that the Lord has given Jennifer and I these 3 gifts.

The most important ministry I have ever had is in raising these 3 kids with Jennifer.  They get my best time and focus not my left overs.  I try to treat them like the precious gifts from God they are.  May God allow us to always be close.


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