Unrealistic Expectations

I told my 4 year old daughter this weekend that I was going to watch the Tennessee football game.  I don’t have to watch hours of football, but I want to watch that game each week.

“Daddy you can watch 1 game” she says with her index finger raised.

“I’m okay with that” I told her.  I always feel like I hostage negotiators must make the best parents.

I start watching the game and she begins to play.  About midway through the 3rd quarter she says she wants to watch one of her ‘kid shows’.

“Nope.  I’m still watching my football game”

“Daddy you only get one game!!” she says very frustrated and with that index finger raised for emphasis.

“This is still the same game.  I’ve only watched one game”  At this point I think her mind is blown.  Who knew that one football game equals about 4 hours of Disney Junior programming.

Her expectations were way off for that football game.  It was never going to only last an hour.

Unrealistic expectations rob us of contentment and joy.  They lead us to cause uprisings within our organization, church, and community.  They lead us to hurt people like with the firing of Mark Richt after a 9 win season.

The Lord does amazing things in churches and communities.  However, were any of those ‘things’ expected?  How many times in the Bible does Jesus do something wonderful that was expected?

When we walk in the spirit we are guided to follow Him.  We aren’t promised to grow by 20% each year.  We aren’t promised to see our companies succeed more than last year.  Many times God directs us in a completely different way than other companies and churches.

As you evaluate your 2015, guard your heart from unrealistic expectations.  Those expectations are joy robbers.  They just hurt.  Look for the positive.  I bet you and your company had some amazing things happen in 2015.


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