Special Something

Almost everyone has the talent to identify talent.

If I took you to a concert I would just be enjoying the concert, but you can are positive that the bassist is incredible.  He has that X factor.

If I took you to a play you could identify that actor that is special.  She has a future in the business.

If I took you to the mechanic you could identify the one that is extremely talented.  The one guy you’d always want working on your car.

I can sometimes identify those that are great at sports and public speaking ability.  I’ve always enjoyed watching a young athlete or preacher grow and get better opportunities.  When I was a middle schooler I remember going to a Double A baseball game in Knoxville, TN to watch the Knoxville Blue Jays.  There was a player that I thought was the best I’d ever seen.  The team had several young players that would make the major leagues, but this guy was next level.  I bugged that guy to death for his autograph. I use to have a huge collection of things signed by him.  I remember staying late after almost every game to talk to him.  I knew he was big time.  His name was Carlos Delgado.  He went on to his over 400 home runs in the Major Leagues.

Everyone has some ability to identify an ‘it’ factor.

As I was reading my devotional this morning in John 1, I thought about all of the people that said Jesus was Messiah.  There isn’t that many that thought he was the Savior.  John, Peter, Andrew, and maybe a few others.  Even less that really understood what that meant.

However EVERYONE thought He was something special.  Everyone could identify an ‘it’ factor in Him.  A next generation rabbi maybe.  He has that something special.  That is why the crowds followed Him.  The powerful took notice of Him.  The sick sought Him as the only hope.

He is special, but He is the Messiah.  Not just a captivating teacher.  Not just a healer.  Not just a leader.

He came to die so that we can have life.

As we celebrate Christmas is Jesus your Messiah or just someone that you think is special?  If He is something special we will give honor to Him.  We will celebrate Him.  If Jesus is Messiah, we give our lives to Him.  He is Lord and we follow Him daily .



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