Kid Stories: Nativity

My daughter received a Little People Nativity set today.  She was pretty excited.

“Daddy I got a God toy today!”

“You did!  That toy is called a Nativity.” I said

“This is an angel.  She is real.  She is going to help me pee.  Don’t worry I won’t put her in the toilet” she said as she heads to the bathroom.

“This is a manger.  It is where Jesus was born.  He wasn’t born in a hospital like your brother and sister.  He is born in more like a barn with all kinds of animals around him. ” I told her

“Animals?  They poop and pee everywhere.  That is not good.” she said pinching her nose for emphasis.

“That’s true, but that is the place he was born’ – I said

“Do you know the name of the angel?” – Jennifer asked her

“yes it is Star!” – she said.

“No, his name is Gabriel” – Jennifer said.

Understanding the Christmas story is a work in progress with little ones.  It makes for interesting discussions though.




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