I think anyone over the age of 30 can attest that they’ve seen a dramatic change in how our culture views Christianity.  One of the greatest examples of this has been in Christmas (holiday) cartoons.

In the 80s we had very few Holiday themed cartoons, but we had a ton of Christmas themed cartoons.  There wasn’t a push for a winter solstice themed cartoon show or an all-inclusive show.  These cartoons were simply Christmas and a few discussed Jesus, Wise Men, or at least the Star.

Now there are almost no Christmas themed cartoons or TV shows.  All of them are either winter themed or all-inclusive.  I’m not against chanukah, kwanzaa, or any other holiday having a special, this is just a change in our culture.  It is another way to see how our culture has changed toward Christianity AND religion in general.

You can see the difference from some of these old Christmas specials.  Plus they are awesome!  :

He-Man and She-Ra Christmas Special – Kids tell Orko a little about the meaning of Christmas.  Also this is called a Christmas special.

Charlie Brown Christmas – This is the best example of a classic cartoon telling about the true meaning of Christmas.

Claymation Christmas – A couple of the songs in this are clearly about Jesus.  It is probably more known of the California Raisins, but I love the three wise men and camels.



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