Life Knockout


A few weeks ago on a Sunday night I talked about the need to humble ourselves.  Those that don’t humble themselves will eventually become humiliated.  A great example of this is Cam Newton.  Cam is not exactly a picture of humility.  He is an incredible football player and he wants you to know that.  When he lost to the Broncos in the Super Bowl, he was humiliated.  The story following the loss was all about how poorly Cam handled himself after the loss.  If you aren’t humble, you risk humiliation.  Humiliation is much worse and can led to terrible things.

This week Ronda Rousey admitted to considering suicide after her loss to Holly Holm.  What?  She is THE top draw in the UFC, a multi millionaire, a movie star, and an inspiration to many people.  How could someone with so much to live for consider suicide?

I think this is a question that everyone needs to ponder.  I’ve lost a few friends in the past years to suicide.

Ronda was humiliated by the loss.  That loss lead to something many of us can identify with.  Instead of just seeing this as A failure, she felt SHE was the failure.  Instead of this being just A loss in an incredible career, she felt SHE like a loser.

You may be thinking that this is just semantics.  However it is much more.

Everyone fails.  It is a moment in time and we move one.  Being a failure is our identity.  It is who we are.

Everyone loses.  It is one loss.  Being a loser is who we are.

It is a HUGE difference that I’ve had to learn in my life.

Our insecurities will say that wasn’t just a loss, a failure, a mistake but that I’M a loser, failure, and a mistake.  Nobody could possibly love someone so messed up as me.  I’m not worth their love.  It would just be better if I didn’t exist.

See what I did there.  So simply to use that type of thinking to head into the dark path of depression and suicidal thoughts.  If you are struggling with this know that you aren’t a loser.  Everyone experiences loss.  You aren’t a failure.  There are people that love and care for you.  I would encourage you to talk to a friend and a counselor.  One of the great purposes of the church is to minister and care for one another.  We should be uplifting especially during tough times.

One of the best picture of forgiveness and moving on is Jesus and Peter in John 21.  Peter has failed Jesus three times.  Peter wasn’t at the cross and had basically abandoned Christ at the worst hour.  When Jesus comes back He doesn’t treat Peter as a failure.  He does seem to confront him about those 3 denials, but at the end of their talk Jesus gives him two simple words of restoration “Follow me”.  After this you see a huge change in Peter.  He was the one in Acts 2 that steps up and preaches.  He was fully restored and becoming the leader of the movement of Christianity.

Peter moved on from failing Jesus in His greatest time of need to become a leader.  Peter wasn’t a failure and neither are you.

Find someone to talk to about these things.

Pray.  Read the bible and other encouraging books.  Rest.

Find a Christian counselor in your area.  You don’t have to visit them for life, but a time or two wouldn’t hurt.




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