A Good Good Friday

This morning our four year old climbed into bed with us.  She slept for a few minutes and then woke up for the rest of the day.  I was done sleeping regardless of if I wanted to be or not.

“Daddy, I love God.  I love to talk to Him by praying.” she said.

Easter is a crazy season for churches.  We have Passion plays, Lord’s Suppers, egg hunts, helicopter egg drops, inflatables, extra worship services, and more.  I just left a Chickfila where a guy dressed as crucified Jesus fist bumped me and talked to me about his church while the Roman soldiers ordered his food!!  He was passionate about pointing people in Conyers to Jesus.

Ministry is a lot of work and can be frustrating. My hope is that all we do points our kids to love God.  Be encouraged that your ministry is helping kids understand and love Jesus.


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