The Front Door Of The Church

The front door of the church for most people is no longer the literal front door.

You probably expect me to say that it is the church’s website.  Nope.

The real front door of the church is your entire digital footprint.  The Google Reviews and rating system that you may not even realize you have.  The Facebook reviews and post.  The Instagram, Twitter, YouTube Channel, SnapChat, etc.

The entirety of that is the REAL front door to the church.  Most people will know a lot about your church by the time that see the literal front door.  So what do we do?

Build the online reputation – I’ll write about this later.

Update all Social Media platforms– Tonight I walked past 2 bulletin boards in my area that were out of date.  If we can’t update them soon, I will just have to tear them down because I’d rather have no information that outdated information.  The same can be said for social media.

Google Your Church – What are the reviews saying?  How long does it take for your church to come up in a church search?  Is there any negative articles, blogs, post, etc. about your church?

I’ll write more about this in the upcoming days.  For now research your churches digital footprint.


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