Owning Your Online Reputation

Many of the decisions we make in life are influenced by scores and reviews.

We lived in Gwinnett County for 2 years.  In those 2 years I found that many of the restaurants featured on the news for their poor health scores were in MY community!!  One of my favorite places to take people got a score of 50 and was a featured story in the Atlanta Journal Constitution.  Another Japanese restaurant we liked got a score of 35!  Once I saw that poor score I never went back.  Now both of them fixed whatever was wrong and got a much better score, but I just couldn’t trust them again.

Jennifer and I had decided to take our family to a restaurant a few weeks before Christmas.  They were having Santa and we wanted to do Santa pictures with the kids.  I told her that everything that I had read online was that this place had terrible service.  The food is good, but the service is really bad.  Normally I wouldn’t go to a place with those kind of negative reviews, but Santa was involved.  Those reviews were extremely accurate.  The service was just as slow for us as it had been for everyone else.

When I want to go see a movie in the theaters one of the first things I check is the movies Rotten Tomatoes score.  Typically if the score is really bad, I’m not going to like the movie.  So a low score means I’m probably going to pass on watching it in theaters.

Do scores and reviews effect your church’s outreach?

If someone you’ve invited Googles your church and reads your church’s scores and reviews would they be excited to attend church?

Let’s say your church has 3.7 stars (out of 5) and several okay reviews with a few scathing ones.  Would you go to that church?  We know that restaurants, business, and movies all suffer from poor online reviews.  Why would churches be any different?

How can we help our church’s online reputation?

Google Review

Get a Google account – Go to the Google homepage and sign-in.  If you don’t have an account, then register for one.

Google your church – You will see some information on the right side of the screen.  It should say the name of the church in large letters.  You will probably see a few pictures and a bit of a map.  One of the small boxes will say Write a Review.  Click on that.

Write a Review – Be as honest and positive as you can.  Point out what you enjoy about the church.  Give it a 5 star rating.  You don’t need to write more than 2-3 sentences.

Add a picture – If you have a great picture of the church, please add it online.  There is another small box that says ‘add a picture’.

Facebook Review

Go to your church’s Facebook page

Click on Review

Give it a Star Rating

Write the review– once you click on the stars a box will pop up for you to write your review.  Again, you don’t need to write a long review, but be as positive as you can.

Google and Facebook are the two primary platforms with star ratings and reviews that people will look at before coming to your church.  Writing a review doesn’t take the place of inviting people to church and telling them about Jesus.  It is just one more small thing we can do to encourage people to come to church and hear the gospel.



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