Is Social Media Worth It?

Jennifer and I have always loved the NFL Draft.  That is probably surprising to you since my wife doesn’t enjoy football.  She does enjoy drama though and the NFL draft can have lots of it.  The 2016 draft drama has been next level though!

Laremy Tunsil was considered the top rated prospect in the draft, however he wasn’t drafted until the 12th pick.  There were 2 other players taken before him that played the exact same position that he plays.  Why?  Primarily because his social media account was hacked just hours before the draft.  The hacker posted a video of Tunsil using drugs.  I think most people would consider it a disturbing video.  It didn’t stop there.  After he was drafted his Instagram was hacked and a screenshot of him texting about money with a coach at Ole Miss was posted.  The text basically confirms that Ole Miss was paying his mom (or grandma’s) $305 electric and water bill.

These post cost Tunsil his draft status and millions of dollars.  I watched several college coaches come out and say that players have to be more careful with social media.  A few even suggested that players shouldn’t have social media accounts.

Wait?  Did Instagram force Tunsil to take money from an Ole Miss coach?  Did Twitter make Laremy smoke marjuana?  Did social media have anything to do with him RECORDING A VIDEO of him doing drugs?  Seriously social media might be the LEAST of his problems unless he has made some major changes in his life since that video.

Social media just revealed the character issues that Tunsil has or at least had while at Ole Miss.

That is what it does with us too.  Social media doesn’t make you narcissistic.  Your narcissism is just showcased by Twitter and Instagram.  Social media didn’t make you an alcoholic.   It just shows people how much you drink.

Now I’m a 100% about training young people how to manage social media accounts.  I realize the cost of social media to people when they post something bad.  However the benefit of building relationships and platforms through social media is incredible.  The ministry, learning, and interaction through Twitter, Instagram, Facebook, and SnapChat is life changing.  I know that my life is better because of these things.

Let’s teach people healthy social media skills.

First let’s teach them not to do illegal activities like smoking weed and taking money from coaches.  If they make better choices in life that affects far more than just social media usage.


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