The Big Ask


A few years ago The CW was casting the part of Ra’s Al Guhl for the show Arrow.  The character of Ra’s was famously played by Liam Neeson in the movie, “Batman Begins.  Mostly fans loved Neeson as the character.  When asked if he would like to reprise his role as Al Guhl on the show Arrow, he said yes.  The problem:  they already cast the role.  Nobody thought they could possibly get the huge star to come to a television role!  What if they had asked earlier enough for him to say yes.  Huge ratings!  Great publicity.  Lots of momentum.  (Yes Batman fans I realize there are reports that he was asked and they couldn’t work things out.  Nobody knows if or when that happened)

I’ve set in countless staff meetings and event meetings working on church related activities.  Something that always bothers me is the unwillingness of leaders to think big, plan big, and ask for big things.  What if this year we did ________________________?!?  What if we asked ___________________________ to be a part of the Fall Festival?  What if we didn’t do ________________________ and instead put our resources into __________________________________?

Are we too busy to make big changes?  Sometimes.  Mainly I think we are too scared of failure and reaction of people if we actually did something different.

A little cost-benefit analysis on dreaming big and asking for big things:  Cost- time, energy, and maybe a little money.  Benefit – momentum, excitement, more energy, impact, salvations, baptisms, growth, etc.

What if for this summer and fall instead of just doing what you did in 2015, 2014, 2013, 1998, 1987, etc you began to think and pray about doing something different?  God might led you to do something that would impact hundreds or thousands of lives.  Begin to think, research, ask, and pray about what the church could do.  You will fail some, but those sweet victories would not have happened otherwise.

Make a call you think probably doesn’t have a chance.

Send an email that might not get anywhere.

Have a meeting that might not produce the event you want.

HOWEVER it just might work!  Think of what will happen then.


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