My Moment with Pat


I loved trick or treating on Halloween.  You can probably guess that I’m a fan of candy.  There was one really nice house that we would trick or treat at every year.  They had the best candy and full size candy bars – not just the fun sized!  They were the nicest people and we enjoyed our time at their home every year.  I later come to understand that those nice people were Pat Summitt’s in-laws.

People outside of East Tennessee probably don’t know that Pat’s ex-husband owned a bank in Sevierville.  She wasn’t around Sevierville as much as RB and his parents, but she would make some appearances.  One time I met with Pat at her book signing at the bank.  I remember her to be intense (even at a book signing) but very gracious.

I asked Pat about speaking on the subject of leadership.  We talked a little about her faith and I encouraged her to get involved in conferences and events.  Who would be better to speak to students on leadership and discipline than Pat Summitt.  She signed my book and wrote down her phone number and told me that if I ever needed a speaker for an event give her a call.  I was very impressed with her and amazed that she would give me her number even though it never worked out.  She was a gracious person and a wonderful lady.


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