Turning 5 years old


My older daughter turns 5 years old today

In 5 years she has:

  • lived in 3 states (Georgia, Virginia, and Ohio)
  • lived in 4 cities (Richmond, Snellville, Covington, and Cincinnati)
  • been to 2 MLB ballparks – Nationals and Braves
  • been to around 15 MLb games
  • Been to 1 NBA game – Wizards vs. Pistons in DC
  • flown in an airplane 7 times
  • been in 3 preschools
  • had 2 concussions (likes to climb too much)
  • seen 4 movies in a theater (Muppets, Finding Dory, Jungle Book, and Secret Life of Pets)
  • involved with 5 churches (Swift Creek Baptist, Mount Zion, Gwinnett Church, Zion Baptist, and Connect Christian Church)
  • played lasertag, bowling, all kind of arcade games, inflatables and trampoline parks
  • played hide and seek in the Braves Hall of Fame and Museum.
  • been all over Turner Field.
  • prayed some BIG prayers
  • been to every church event you can think of
  • been loved by many people

Happy Birthday to my big girl


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