Thankful for Connect



I was being interviewed for a position with a church in Indianapolis a couple of years ago.  The pastor reviewed my resume and asked a unique question.

“Which of the churches you have worked for best represent who you are”

“None of them really” – Me

“Really?  You’ve spent your whole life working for churches that are not like you?  That is sad” – Pastor

I don’t think you are suppose to have a major life crisis during a Skype interview, but I was having one.  I remember just wanting to shut the computer and stare at the wall.  I finished the interview knowing that his question was more important than the position they were trying to fill.

Honestly I never thought I would be at a church that would line up with who I am.  My values, ideology, philosophy, etc.  Considering all mainline denominations are dying,  I always thought I would be working in churches different than me trying to helping them transition into reaching their community- with probably little success.

I am so thankful for Connect Christian Church.  They were an answer to our prayers.  Connect has been a blessing for our family.  We have seen God work in an amazing way in just 4 months.

The reason is that who I am and who Connect is – fits.  In every way Connect is a representation of what I believe church should be.  Instead of fighting silly battles, we are working toward reaching our community for Jesus.  Connect has made drastic changes in 3 years all to help reach those don’t have a relationship with Christ.  I believe our area would miss Connect if we didn’t exist.

I’m thankful for our Connect family.


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