The Man Comes Around

Easter 2015 – Jennifer tells me that she has a gift for me for Easter.  I was mad because we didn’t have the money for any gifts.  I had no idea what was coming next.  She hands me the pregnancy test with neither of us knowing how to respond.  I was devastated.

It was just a few weeks ago that we had agreed the worst thing that could happen to us was a baby.  That probably sounds terrible to you, but you have to understand what was happening.  We were in between ministries with no income.  Our health insurance was going to run out in just a few months.  If something didn’t change soon we were going to have to move in with Jennifer’s parents (which we did).

Gwinnett Church had an amazing service that Easter morning, but I think both of our minds were on the news of our new baby.  We talked, prayed, cried, and tried to make sense of it all.  Slowly we were becoming excited about the baby, but we had no idea how we would survive the next several month.

We also had no idea how to  tell people that Jennifer was pregnant.  Everyone acted excited, but I’m sure they were concerned for us.  How many people go their entire pregnancy with no steady income?

I like control.  Actually I love control.  Our lives was suddenly completely out of control.  We were having to walk by faith in a way that most people don’t have to.  We had ‘real’ problems.

We began to fight to get government insurance and then the fight to actually use the government insurance.  We had no idea but Jennifer being pregnant made this process much easier and helped to provide insurance for her.  The fight to use the insurance is sometimes worse than the fight to get it.  We had a wonderful friend that was a nurse at an OBGYN practice.  Because Jen had switched to their practice they agreed to take the insurance.

I remember that sweet nurse saying this is going to be the best thing that could happen to you.  I thought she was crazy.  What she meant was that the insurance would cover everything (which it did).

The doctor told us that the baby would be due near Thanksgiving.  Such irony this baby would be born when we focus on being thankful.

We had a lot of heartbreak on the job end, but I learned how to sell on eBay.  God provided every step of the way.  We went that entire pregnancy with no income, but every bill was paid on time!  I still don’t know how it worked out, but the Lord provided.

When we found out the baby was a boy we became even more excited.  We were going to get to use the name that we had chosen years ago: Cash River.  Cash is named after Johnny Cash.  When Johnny Cash became a Christian his life was radically changed.  Instead of living his life in a Christian bubble, he chose to live it in the real world.  Several people followed Jesus because of Johnny’s influence.  My life was changed by my youth pastor – Scott Carter – who is a part of Cash’s family.

Everything worked out for the best.  Jennifer received the best hospital care she had ever had at Gwinnett Medical.  Cash was healthy and a wonderful blessing.  We owe nothing from his birth or hospital stay.  The Lord provided through it all.

You can do a thousand bible studies on faith, but nothing is like having to walk in faith that God is in control and He will provide.  Faith is experiential and cannot be learned through a class or study.  Our faith in the Lord is much greater today because of the way God chose to give us Cash River.


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