YouTube Christmas: Church videos

I love having YouTube during the holiday season.  So many Christmas classics that I can watch with my family for FREE.  Normally I make one post with videos that families might enjoy, but there are so many I decided to divide my list into two.  Here are videos that were done by churches and Christian organizations.  These are good for a few laughs this season.  Enjoy!

Christmas in Bevelton – I was at North Point when we did this.  One of my favorites.

iPhone Band – Seems super old now but fun for kids.

Santa Went Down to Georgia – Several of these folks do the Orange Conference. So talented.

One Day More – 2012 Les Miserables spoof

Christmas According to Kids – Southland Christian Church

ReTooning The Nativity – this is helpful to explain what the nativity really looked like

Kid History – Another kid version of the Christmas story

The Living Nativity – Skit Guys

Camel Falls into crowd at Church – So glad I don’t have to work with live animals on Christmas plays

Toy Pianos – some kids will love this



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