Orange Conference 2017 Review

So many good messages throughout the day.  No one can possibly remember them all.  These quotes, thoughts, and websites stood out to me.  I know Jud Wilhite, Ryan Leak, and Andy Stanley all gave me a lot to think and pray about in my life.

Busy is the enemy of neighborly – Doug Fields

Instead of seeing busyness as a badge of honor, maybe we should see it as a sign of brokeness – Doug Fields

Something powerful happens when the neighbor who isn’t for the church realizes that the church is still for them – Jeff Henderson

Not the pace of ministry, but the weight of ministry that hurts – Judd Wilhite

Ask ‘how can I pray for you” – Ryan Leak

Jesus doesn’t want your help, he wants your heart – Bob Goff

equip leaders to be great where they are, not at the church – Ryan Leak

People brought others to the marketplace, weddings, and other non church places to meet Jesus – Ryan Leak

Only 8% of Jesus’ miracles happened in the synagogue – Ryan Leak

To reach outsiders, you have to go outside – Ryan Leak

You can download great preaching, you can’t download mentoring – Kara Powell

You can’t dismiss people and be in love with God – Andy Stanley

When considering your volunteer strategy remember that Clarity + Empowerment + Appreciation = Longevity

Create beautiful spaces – it tells people you were expecting them – Reggie Joiner

God never answers the question “How close can I get to sin without sinning” – Andy Stanley

You can’t be right with Jesus and wrong with others – Andy Stanley

If were not careful we will orient children toward keeping God happy  rather than loving people – Andy Stanley

What does love require of you – Andy Stanley

If you give the devil a foothold, he will turn it into a stronghold – Jud Wilhite

Want to know your community?  Government already did the job for you – – Kara Powell

I will forgive and take the high road – Jud Wilhite – Mike Foster (love this idea)




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