Cincinnati Bengals Playground


As a dad of 3 kids and a Kids and Family Pastor of a medium sized children’s ministry – I love playgrounds.  They are either free or cheap.  It gets kids and families outdoors.  They help improve balance, hand/eye coordination, motor skills, etc.  Kids nap better once they play hard on a playground.

This spring and summer I’m checking out playgrounds around Cincinnati.  I thought we’d start with a unique experience:  the playground the Marvin Lewis Community Fund, Cincinnati Bengals, and the United Way built in Cincy!

Name:  Hometown Huddle

Cost:  FREE

Age Appropriate:  Something for all ages including young teens

Water:  Seasonal outdoor pool (may have fee)

Where:  Ryan Memorial Sports Complex and is located at 3324 Meyer Pl, Cincinnati, OH 45211

What I LOVED:  The equipment is brand new and unique.  The obstacle course is age appropriate for 13 and above, but my preschoolers loved it too.  The turf on part of the playground is great for kids to fall on and not get hurt.  The gate around the playground is terrific because I never worried about my kids leaving the area.  The Play60 logo and Bengals themed areas make for good pictures.

NOT my favorite parts:  This playground is not easy to find.  Make sure you use a GPS.  The area around this playground probably isn’t the safest in Cincinnati.  I wouldn’t recommend going by yourself or at night, but overall I felt like it was safe enough.

Overall:  We stayed for about an hour.  We probably would have stayed another 30 minutes if a thunderstorm wasn’t coming through the area.  It was fun and I’m glad we checked it out, but I probably would not go back.  Too far away to frequent and my kids love other playgrounds just as much.  If my kids were older and loved football – I’d would make this a 2-3 times a year trip.  A young football fan will LOVE it way more than my kids.

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