Lessons from FC Cincinnati


Last night I stood among 33,000 people watching a soccer game for 120 minutes in downtown Cincinnati.  I confess:  I don’t like soccer.  I’d watch hockey and almost every other sport over soccer.  Yet here I was having spent $30 on a ticket, $50 on souvenirs, and $4 on gatorade standing for almost the entire 120 minutes of the game.  Passionately watching and caring about something that I had no interest in before.  I’d love to see them go MLS – why I don’t even know.  It is weird.

A historic baseball town become a soccer area.  A 2 million plus metro area with hardly any soccer lovin’ internationals has become soccer central for the USA – if just for a moment.

I think I didn’t love it because I’d never experienced it like that before.  The excitement of penalty kicks.  The fun of a full stadium all wearing blue, orange, and white.  The non-stop cheering from The Bailey.

This is just like the gospel.  People don’t love it because they haven’t experienced the power of God’s love and forgiveness.  They haven’t seen the excitement of a changed life.  They haven’t seen people from all backgrounds come together for a cause bigger than themselves.

Many didn’t think soccer would work in Cincinnati, but it has.  Many have given up on the local church and the gospel working in our area too.  It will work – people just need to see it.

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