In downtown Atlanta there is a restaurant that everyone eventually patrons.  The Varsity is as much an ATL attraction as the Braves, Georgia Aquarium, or the Word of Coke.  Many Georgians love the Varsity and many out of towners aren’t sure why it is so popular.  Regardless of your view on their chili dogs or orange shake, the Varsity accomplishes something truly unique.

When you walk into this place you see all types of people.  I mean ALL types!  You see a homeless man wearing the same clothes for 5 days in a row eating two tables down from a million dollar business man wearing his expensive suit.  You see a high school football team eating together down from an elderly couple enjoying their meal.

This restaurant gets people from every socio economic and racial background.  All at one time eating greasy food together.  United under the purpose of great onion rings.

This is a marvelous example of what Christianity and the church should look like.  People of all races.  People with lots of money.  People with no money.  Coming together, but instead of enjoying a fast food meal they are seeking to glorify God with their lives.

If a restaurant can accomplish this level of diversity with a much smaller purpose than the gospel, surely our churches can do the same.

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