Kids Stories

I took my 2 year old and 5 year old to a warehouse full of inflatables in Valdosta, GA.  Jennifer, Cash, and my mother in law went to buy birthday toys and I volunteered to take the girls to this inflatable park.  No big deal, right?

I kept up with the girls for most of our time.  Finally I had to sit down on the couch with the rest of the parents and take a break.  I’m on the phone and see my 2 year old dive in the Mickey Mouse Clubhouse followed by one of the employees followed by the rest of the employees.  I thought what did she do!

The employee could not get her out of the Mickey Mouse inflatable so I got her out of it.  They said she climbed over the closed door and got to the prizes that they give out for arcade game tickets.  I took off the tiara, the first ring, the first bracelet, the toys in her hand, and the rest of the rings and bracelets.  Every employees was laughing at how many prizes she took.  I apologized and didn’t take any more breaks from watching her.

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