“Joey is passionate about ministry and mission. His passion is contagious and I for one, am grateful for men like him being in ministry.”

David Nasser  
Senior Vice President
Spiritual Development
Liberty University
Lynchburg, VA.

“Joey and I worked together on a weekend event for students. It is clear he can plan an effective event and execute it well. And it is obvious he has a heart for young people.”

Sean McDowell, Ph.D.
Author, Speaker, Professor

“I have been blessed to preach for Joey on a few occasions and have always been impressed with the preparedness and intentionality of the event. His creativity and leadership contributed to an environment that God blessed and students were gloriously saved!”

Brent Crowe
Vice President
Student Leadership University
Orlando, FL.

“I met Joey Rolen at a Confident Parenting Seminar that he hosted at his church. I was deeply impressed with his commitment to students and families. He did a great job with the seminar and I know the parents were very appreciative of his excellent work.”
Dr. Jim Burns
San Juan Capistrano, CA.

“Over my 25 years as Student Pastor at Bellevue Baptist in Memphis, I was blessed to have over 40 men called to the ministry and serve with me as interns. Joey Rolen was one of the best I ever served with. I love this man and his heart for God, for kids and for the family. Creative, passionate, inspiring, and a man after God’s own heart. Plus, he has an amazing wife who serves side by side in their ministry. God has His hands on Joey and it is revealed in every aspect of his ministry.”
Phil Newberry
Campus Pastor at Bellevue Arlington
(Student Pastor of Bellevue for 25 years)
Bellevue Baptist Church
Memphis, TN.

“Joey lives, eats, and breathes ministry.  He is no clock in, clock out guy.  It is his life.  Mix that with passion and years of service and a track record of faithfulness and you’ve got a guy who makes a difference for the Kingdom of God.”
Tony Nolan
National Communicator, Tour Pastor, and Author
Casting Crowns LifeSong Tour, Winter Jam Tour, Extreme Conferences
Ackworth, Georgia

“I am so grateful for Joey!  He is a dear friend and a great leader with a passion for the next generation!  Not many in the world can run a successful student ministry that is gospel centered to the level that Joey can!”
Ryan Mullins

Campus Pastor

High Point Church
Memphis, TN


“Joey is a witty, intelligent, diligent man of God.  He is not afraid of standing up for truth in a world of relative humanism.  He loves his wife, children, and students!  Joey is dedicated to taking irreligious teenagers and adults in a mentoring relationship and watching them grow and flourish into the disciples Jesus desires them to be.”
Dr. Robert Mullins
Lead Pastor & Director of Super Summer Alabama
Mount Hebron Baptist Church
Elmore, AL.

“Joey Rolen is an incredible person and pastor. I have been influenced by his life while a student and summer intern at Bellevue Baptist Church (Memphis, TN). He is a highly relational person that exemplifies standout leadership with church, family, and friends. Over the past few years I’ve been a witness to Joey’s ability to lead and grow a student ministry. I am thankful to call him a friend and I’m thankful that there are men like him working with students and making a Kingdom impact on the next generation.”
Luke Saunders
Campus Pastor
Colonial Hills Church
Hernando, MS.

“Joey is a great partner in ministry, and a valuable contributor to any family ministry in which he serves.”

Lane Wood
Worship Pastor
Raleigh, NC.

“I have known Joey Rolen for 14 years, both as a student in classes that I taught, as a youth ministry intern at our church, as now as a fellow minister. He is a friend not only to me, but my family as well. I know Joey to be a person of integrity who loves his family, the Lord, and the church. I have known Joey’s wife, Jennifer, for 25 years, and my wife and I actually had the privilege of introducing them. I highly recommend  Joey Rolen to you.”
Dr. Tan Flippin
Discipleship Pastor
Lakeside Baptist Church
Gradbury, TX.

“Joey is a man of God. He truly loves Jesus and has keen insight through God’s Word. I had the privilege of working with Joey several years ago and consider him a friend, brother, and co-laborer for Christ.”
Keith Cochran
Senior Pastor
West Jackson Street Baptist Church
Tupelo, MS.

“It is a blessing to know Joey Rolen and his family. Joey and Jennifer are committed to developing relationships that produce Christ-likeness in the youth they serve and in the lives of their own children.  I have learned much by watching them serve and by working with Joey.”
Jenny Phillips
Children’s Ministry Assistant
Mount Zion Baptist Church
Snellville, GA.

“Joey is a leader who is passionate about seeing students lives transformed by Christ.  As one of his students when he first started following God’s call to youth ministry, I could tell that he not only cared about me falling in love with Christ, but he also cared about me as an individual.  He lets his love for Jesus flow through every part of what he does which profoundly influenced my life as a teen and continues to inspire my ministry today.”
Brett Koerten
High School Ministry Assistant Director
Menlo Park Presbyterian Church
Menlo Park, CA.

“Joey Rolen gets ministry.  He actively looks for ways to connect the church to the community. He is a leader.  He has great ideas, and the administrative focus to pull together an execution plan to make it happen.  He is not afraid to go against the grain for the greater good of God’s plan.  He has a strong backbone rooted in Christ, and the courage to take on difficult challenges.”
Holly Godfrey
2012/2013 Personnel Committee Chairperson
Mount Zion Baptist Church
Snellville, GA

“Joey Rolen is a strong leader and minister to students! As I have watched his ministry, these three things I know: He loves Jesus, he loves his family, and he loves students.”
Anthony Kendall
Student Pastor
First Baptist Church
Indian Trail, NC

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